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You’re right, I owe you a blog about the wedding I went to and I won’t disappoint, I’ll kiss and tell. Today, though, I wanted to report from the 10” snow covered trenches.

If you’ve been oblivious to the news much as I usually am, then you may be surprised to learn that Seattle and surrounding areas have been hit by some serious snow. Most of the country would yawn and reply with, “So what?” But those of you who haven’t come to worship our java infused city aren’t privy to The Big Deal.

Our city streets are hilly, to say the least, and no matter where across Western Washington you may go you’ll be sure to encounter these slopes. No big deal on normal days, but this week has been anything but normal.

Forecasters announced the arrival of snow and like any good Washingtonian, we blew them off. That is until the first flakes arrived. Sunday was spent watching the wonder of winter quietly pile up and Monday proved to be about the same.

With the threat of the real storm blowing in Tuesday evening and into Wednesday, we decided to stave off cabin fever in favor for a walk in the woods, which isn’t hard to do in Washington. We’re not called the Evergreen State for nothing. 

Awoke to a blanket of white Wednesday and considered myself lucky to have power, despite its best effort to leave me. But my charming personality and wicked ways convinced it stay by my side, unlike my poor 190,000 powerless neighbors.

Cabin fever struck, but not I, rather my dog, who, unlike the electricity, had grown tired of movies, books, and endless pacing. 

He Can, and Usually Does, Eat Anything

My Little Acrobat

The Cure for Cabin Fever

As darkness fell so did a few tree limbs in our yard, unsettling the dogs and my nerves. Morning arrived with the house still unscathed, but the driveway was blocked with half of an old pine tree. Cracks, booms, and thuds could be heard in a 360 degree radius, providing a site to behold as older, well established trees came crashing down throughout our neighborhood, as well as our yard. Three plum trees in our backyard buckled under the pressures, as did a cherry tree in the front, and the before mentioned pine tree.

Making Leaving Challenging

With the reported over 700 accidents in five days across Western Washington, we braved the arctic blast and insane drivers, and headed out of doors in search of carnage. And carnage we found. Power lines down competed for attention with randomly breaking and falling branches littering the already slushy and iced over roadways. Steering clear of the freeways which happened to be closed due to the before mentioned downed trees (25 along Hwy 18 closing it off from beginning to end), we stuck to around town, but did venture along Where Heroes Rest St. toward Tahoma National Cemetery to pay our respects to the men and women who served our country.

State Troopers Blocking Off Highway 18 On Ramp

Where Heroes Rest

State of Emergency has been declared and one death has already been reported.

http://www.king5.com/news/local/In-snows-wake-region-for-overnight-freeze-high-winds-137630728.html – state of emergency

But not all is doom in gloom as seen here…


It will take a bit of time to clean up from the aftermath of this slow motion storm and while the temperatures are still low, spirits remain high. Washingtonians have had many labels thrust upon them and while many could be argued to be true, one thing we’re not noted for is our ability to look on the bright side. Because sometimes when it rains, it snows.

For more information and photos, here are the links to our local news stations:






UPDATE JAN. 20, 2012: There’s been an article written and published in the LA Times, “Snow wimps: Seattle is shut down by first real snow of the season,”  from a journalist who’s remarks regarding Seattle have certainly lit our fires. The irony of it, is she lives on Bainbridge Island, a well to do city on the outskirts of Seattle. Here is the link to her article, as well as my response below:


Ms. Murphy, after reviewing your profile on the LA Times site, I’ve come away shaking my head. How did someone like you, who once had the ability to write well written, informed, non-biased articles turn out a piece that is filthy rich in author’s voice/opinion? Your obvious hatred of Seattle is palatable and that leads me to my next question – why then, do you desecrate our city with your presence? While I realize we are a bit “clueless,” I would like to remind you that the reason why we are such “clueless wimps,” as you called us (may I remind you that you, too, are a resident of Bainbridge Island and therefore a “clueless wimp” as well), is because of the mass of Californians who have infested our great state. I realize the frenzy that you have created is pleasing you no end, however it is obvious from your profile photo that you have drank your writing ability away and that is the real crime here. Please consider this your written invitation to permanently leave Washington State and never return.