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Or is it?

Recently I witnessed the union between two people in a beautiful ceremony, filled with love and sealed with a kiss. As the minister proclaimed their union, they sealed the deal with the traditional kiss and floated back down the aisle, drunk on love.

The Bridesmaid's bouquet looking almost virginal, just like the bridesmaids

For many Singletons this is the ultimate goal – to wear white, fill a hall with gorgeous flowers, music, to have every Singleton eye jealously upon your every move. To become a Smug Married.

Years ago it was believed that a woman lost her virginity on her wedding night; or as my grandmother put it, tame the one eyed snake. In present day, for many brides they’ve already tamed numerous snakes and the only virginal thing left is which Karma Sutra position they haven’t yet attempted.

The Dress

With marriage comes commitment and with commitment comes security and repetition. This bride, along with every other on the planet, will then theoretically never mount any other studs. No flirting, no kissing, no touching, no playing, no nookie with another cowboy other than her betrothed. This is what society deems to be acceptable and any variation is considered to be adultery or at the very least trotting down the path there of.

But what if the rules were bent between not a recently married woman and a man, but rather recently married woman and another woman?

According to Psychology Today, roughly 15% of all women are bi-sexual or lesbian. This is up by 13% from most of human history.

Angelina Jolie

Over the years, many female artists such as Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Annie Lennox, and Anna Paquin have openly expressed their sexual orientation and are proud of it.

Drew Barrymore

And let’s not forget that Madonna’s kissed Britney Spears, Nicki however you say her last name, Christina Aguilera, and many more, but frankly I’m just too lazy to write them all in. Their careers, along with many men and women’s libido, saw a surge following their proclamations and society was left with one question.

Madonna showing Christina Aguilera some love.

Is it a new fad as some have said or is there more to it than ratings?

There are three main groups of women that are broken down into age brackets that describe the sexual desire by age. Think of it as a confusing map through the hormonal minefield we call Womanhood.

First you have your very hormonally imbalanced teenagers. Having narrowly

Young Megan Fox knows how to grab guys attention.

survived my teens, I find it unfathomable that any teen, regardless of gender, can identify what he or she wants. Let’s face it, with the amount of hormones rushing through your veins, it’s like being given a strong cocktail on an empty stomach and the hangover is hell. But that aside, it seems that young girls are semi aware of what guys like and they naturally use this to their advantage. This would suggest, then, that these girls aren’t truly interested in the fairer sex, unless a cute guy is watching. There are obviously exceptions and this is a generalization.

Once we finicky females have matured past puberty, our tastes mature and this is where some of the fun begins. Our confidence in ourselves has evolved and it seems that between the ages of 20 and 35, we begin to explore our sexuality and all that the world has to offer, just for the hell of it. This isn’t to say that we are reckless, but rather we are open to new experiences and frankly, really enjoy what our sex has to offer. It’s like our college chemistry class only better. 

Any woman over the age of 35, Singleton or Singleton Enough, is deemed a Cougar and they’re on the prowl, but not for boy toys. No, these women often have children, perhaps teenage daughters, have been married and/or divorced, and the illusion and hope of the Fairy Tale Love has more than worn off. Reality has set its hooks deep within them and they’ve seen all the moves that snake can make. The concept that another woman could offer them not just sexual fulfillment but emotional as well is tempting. And while many may not become straight lesbians, many will frolic along the Bi-Sexual Beach. This is a trend that has become quite popular with the baby boomers as their children have all grown and they’re left to face the reality of an unfulfilling marriage. That’s right, your momma’s pinch hitting for the other team; could explain the perma-grin and why she’s asking you about Brazilian’s.

While at the reception, many women of all ages ate, drank, and were Mary. However it was one in particular that stole my attention away from the appalling speech the bridesmaid gave (not her fault as it was clear she had no time to write one, let alone rehearse, prior to being thrust into this uncomfortable position).

Mary was a friend of mine from days gone by and throughout the day, we kept passing by one another, stopping for a quick chat and kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t until after the speeches were made that we had an opportunity for a proper chat. Leaning against the railing that overlooked the grounds, we talked about the wedding and discussed hers, just short of a year earlier.

Refilling our glasses, she linked her arm through mine and we sauntered over to the corner of the building where large trees gave the illusion of privacy and offered a change in view. Setting her glass down, she turned toward me, complementing my dress before kissing me full on the lips. Her kiss was sweet, but far from innocent. Stunned, I stood there like an idiot holding a wine glass and thought about the mixture of emotions and thoughts that ran through my mind. After a moment, she stepped back and said she’d been thinking of doing that all evening. Then she picked up her glass and walked back to her husband. Walking away she left me contemplating many things, including trying the Mascato she was drinking. Alcohol induced girl on girl action. Is there any other way?

The rest of the evening was downright uneventful comparatively speaking and I found myself comparing my kiss goodnight with the one Mary and I shared. What would her husband think if he had caught us in the act, so to speak? Is this considered infidelity? Or just drunken disorderly? Is she bi-curious or bi-sexual? What else would have happened if there weren’t so many people nearby? And what sort of lipstick does she wear as it never once came off (and it should’ve of)?

Throughout the history of mankind, lines have been drawn in the sand and society has made it clear that they should never be crossed. Religious leaders have turned those lines into bullet proof glass and smite those who dare cross them. Evolution has slowly awakened our primal instincts and if celebrity trends are any indication, the ties that have bound our hands are weakening as more women seek out their deepest desires. Clearly, Annie Lennox was right – sisters truly are doing it for themselves.